Friday 3 February 2012

Valentine's Day Wreath

I heart my door.

I made this a heart wreath forms, a box of staight pins, and 2 rolls of party streamers in pink and red.
I started by wrapping the wreath in the red streamers and then pinning the end so it would stay. Then I cut about 2 to 3 inch length of pink stream to make the roses. Making the roses for me was a lot of trail and erorr to see what I though looked good. Mostly when making them I folded the streamer in half length wise then rolled while folding down some corners. I might make another one this weekend and I with try to take some pictures of how I found worked best. Once I had a rose looking the way I wanted it to I stuck it on the wreath with a pin. It was pretty easy but it did take awhile to make the roses. I love that way it turned out it was just as a I pictured it in my head.