Wednesday 13 June 2012

6th Birthday Party

This weekend We had my Oldest daughters 6th birthday party. In the past we have just rented a bouncer and called it a day. This year I was having trouble booking one so I decided to do a Carnival theme instead. So I brainstormed up a list of midway games for the kids to play set to work seeing which ones I could actually make. I decided on a ring toss, knock em down, balloon pop and plinko(not really a midway game but super fun and my husband was on board to build it.) It seemed to go over really well even though it rained the whole party I still had kids out their playing games in the rain. I got the kids to collect tickets like at Chuck E. Cheese and the kids with the most tickets at the end got to pick the first prize.

This is the ring toss booth, I started with a cardboard box and then glued clear beer bottles to the box with  a glue gun. Then I made some point values on labels and stuck them on the neck of the bottle. I just bought a few cheap ring toss games and the dollarama and used the rings from that. I spaced the bottles out so it would be a bit easier for the kids to do.

Up next is the Knock Em Down game my husband got me same empty never used smaller paint can and we set them on a chuck of 2 x 4 and let the kids throw balls at them. I should have a taken a picture of the cans after they are so dented and beat up now.

Here is the birthday girl posing with the games before her friends get here.

The booths my husband made for me with some left over materials, the signs are made from a piece of coraplast, and then I could not resist making a quick pennants to so under the sign.

The balloon pop board was really easy the hardest part was blowing up 100 balloons. I started by make prize amount and sticking them in the balloon and blowing them up. Then we used a staple-gun and staples them to a piece of plywood. We then gave the kids a tacks(I thought the throwing darts would end with someone losing a eye). When it was their turn we would give them the tack a let them pop a balloon.

I have a few pictures of the Plinko board in progress that I will post later. My husband did all of the work on this one, but I did the painting of it. I with post more about it later.

Last but not least it the cake it made for her. It's not my favourite cake but any means lets just say the that making a tent shape is not easy and I threw out at least one before I got to the finished product. My daughter loved it and that is the most important part.

Have a Great Day!


Dragonfly Designs


Monday 11 June 2012

Jewelry holder

I love Pinterest, you can find some many great ideas on there. I pin lots of thing that I will never make but I like to pretend that I will, but when I saw this pin I knew I would actually make it.

It was love at first pin I'm also jealous of all her beautiful jewelry. It makes me stuff look like crap. So pinned in hopes that I would get around to making it. I then saw some selling this beauty on online.

I purchased it right away a steal at $15. Then I used the Martha Stewart paint samples that I had just purchases and painted it like lovely blue/green colour. Since my husband work for a wholesale company he literally has buckets of knobs and handles that have been discontinued for me to pick from.  I pretty happy with it, it removed all the clutter from my dresser and make me wear more jewelry.
I love it it is sooo pretty



Rings and Bracelets

More watches

And it opens for storage inside all my other earring and other things I keep my brushes on the top.

I'm so happy with how it turned out and love the extra storage it creates for me instead of a mess on the top of my dresser.


Dragonfly Designs

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Play Kitchen

I’m sure you have seen the play kitchen all over the internet made out of old entertainment centers. Well last spring I decided to make one.

It all started when I found an old set of Fisher Price play stove and sink toys at a garage sale for $1.00 each. The entertainment center I bought for $5.00 at another garage sale. Usually these types of things use bowls for a sink and have a painted on stove, which I love, but by not having to set the sink sunk in I was able to give us a storage drawer. My kids have a ridiculous number of play food and dishes so this has really helped with storage.

I forgot to take a lot of before pictures, but here is one after I tried to spray paint it. Let me tell you this- it took way more spray then I thought it would, so I gave up and used regular paint shortly after this picture was taken.

Spray painting was hard and not as quick as I wanted it to be.

Painting this sucked! It took so long and it was really hot. Also with all the stuff we added it made it really heavy. When I finally got it all painted my husband built a drawer to go under the sink and stove, put on the oven door and the fridge doors, then he screwed the sink and stove into place. The only part we were having trouble with was the microwave that I insisted it should have. We ending up finding one at Toys R' Us on clearance for $5.00, which probably saved us a lot of arguing over what my husband wanted to make and what I thought he should make.

This is what we ended up with. I'm pretty happy with it. The only thing missing is the piece of plastic in the oven which I have but haven't put in yet.

So that is the kitchen that I (and my husband) made for our kids. I'm not sure I would ever try this again as it was way more work than I thought, but I'm glad I did it. I love how it turned out.