Tuesday 23 August 2011

All About Me..

As the title suggests this first post will be all about me. First things first my name is Jess I'm from Saskatchewan and I am Married with 3 lovely children. 5,  3, and 1. I have become very addicted to crafting blogs, which is why I have decided to try blogging myself.

The type of posts you will find will be mainly about crafting, cake decorating, and shopping deals.

Some of my crafting idea are my own, some I've modified from something I've seen, and other well I loved it so much when I saw it I just had to make one of my own.

I've been decorating cake since I was about 15, and always kick myself for not starting a business before it became so popular. I love to do this even though at some point during the making of the cake I always wondering if buying a cake would be easier.

As for the shopping part of this blog, I love to shop, but only if it's a great deal. Nothing can bring me out of a funk like a great shopping deal.

So more about me I'm huge geek, I always point to my star wars tattoo to reinforce that statement. Well that really all I can think of I'm pretty boring. So until next time.


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