Monday 11 June 2012

Jewelry holder

I love Pinterest, you can find some many great ideas on there. I pin lots of thing that I will never make but I like to pretend that I will, but when I saw this pin I knew I would actually make it.

It was love at first pin I'm also jealous of all her beautiful jewelry. It makes me stuff look like crap. So pinned in hopes that I would get around to making it. I then saw some selling this beauty on online.

I purchased it right away a steal at $15. Then I used the Martha Stewart paint samples that I had just purchases and painted it like lovely blue/green colour. Since my husband work for a wholesale company he literally has buckets of knobs and handles that have been discontinued for me to pick from.  I pretty happy with it, it removed all the clutter from my dresser and make me wear more jewelry.
I love it it is sooo pretty



Rings and Bracelets

More watches

And it opens for storage inside all my other earring and other things I keep my brushes on the top.

I'm so happy with how it turned out and love the extra storage it creates for me instead of a mess on the top of my dresser.


Dragonfly Designs

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