Monday 14 January 2013

Valentines Day Banner

We had a snow day last week and my kids were very bored so I whipped up something for us to do and I think that it turned out very well.

I had a roll of paper that I got last time I was at Ikea. Man I wish we had an Ikea here but I digress. I rolled out the paper the length of my table (after covering it with newspaper), then I got out some paint reds, pinks, purples and some white. I brought my kids to the table and told them I didn't want to see any white paper when they were done.

This it what it looked like when they were done.

I let it dry for an hour or so and then I went back with some black paint and added some hearts and wrote Happy Valentines Day on it. I didn't think that it popped enough so I filled in the letters with red paint and that turned out great. 

Here is the finished project. I think it turned out great for a snowy day craft.

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